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Time is a valuable gift that each of us gives and how we choose to use that time can return rewards we've never dreamed of.

The RESQCATS volunteers are responsible for socializing the cats and kittens, fostering, helping with cleaning, assisting with medication and public relations. Through their dedication, patience and genuine love, they are able to transform many anxious cats and kittens into playful, trusting family members. Their help has allowed me to give special time and attention to the neediest ones, as well as, to focus on finding the "purrfect" homes for the ones who have a clean bill of health.

My goal this year is to find a few good volunteers who can help with some of the many tasks required to provide for the cats and kittens.

The volunteers at RESQCATS have given their time and their hearts to help care for our cats and kittens over and over gain. This tender loving care is just as important to the cats as receiving proper medical care in that a happy heart and healed spirit have such an impact on having a healthy body. It is the volunteers that make RESQCATS possible.

RESQCATS would like to thank the current volunteers for sharing their time and giving their unconditional love to the cats.

If you think you would like to volunteer at RESQCATS, please give me a call at (805) 563-9424 or send me an email and we'll discuss the possibilities.

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