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You love cats and therefore we have put together the following resources for you. It's a list of useful, interesting and sometimes very funny sites. All about cats!


The Cat House Hotel is a Central Coast's award-winning, feline-exclusive boarding, grooming, and supplies destination serving Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Luis Obispo counties.

The Pet Care Forum, a great Web community for pet companions by pet companions

The web offers wonderful resources for anyone — human or feline — interested in performing or visual arts.
Claude is the star of an intriguing book about the life of a cat. The site is beautifully designed with gorgeous photography.
Why Cats Paint may help you discover the artist hidden inside your feline friend. Based on the book by the same name, this page features a painting of the day as well as many other works by cats. The curatorial notes are not to be missed: While Tigger seemingly takes great care to capture the essential quality of 'birdness' as she sees it exemplified by Polly, her informal and somewhat scattered treatment of feathers clearly suggests a desire to also capture in a non-aesthetic sense.


Regional and nationwide charities help you help the animals you love.
The Alley Cat Allies promotes humane control of the feral cat population.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals site has information about adopting pets from their New York shelter as well as animal-welfare resources.

Local and national organizations can provide valuable information and help you to meet other cat lovers.
Feral Cat Coalition is dedicated to humane management of feral cat overpopulation. The organization traps, spays and neuters feral cats and then releases them.
Online Feline Fanciers The site has member-written articles, an OFF conference summary and more.


These cat celebs are now on the web!
Felix the Cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat is now online! The site has TV listings, history and trivia, and visitors can even peek into the magic bag of tricks.
Garfield Online, the official site, includes games, quizzes, comic strips and much more!
Socks the Cat Fan Club

Pet Cat is a highly interactive site with games, contests, cat care information and a create your own home page program.
Temple of Bastet is a site for true cat worshipers — this page is devoted to the Egyptian cat goddess. The site explains the history of the deity and also describes plans to develop a retirement ranch in Northern California for abandoned and orphaned cats.

The web's veterinary resources can be valuable to a caring cat owner, but a cat in need of health care should always be seen by a veterinarian.
The American Veterinary Medical Association is loaded with useful information on animal health and safety, tips on choosing a vet and dealing with pet loss, and has a special section for kids.
The Cornell Feline Health Center web site provides information on cat diseases, cat care problems and care for older cats. Books and t-shirts are available for sale through the site.
The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine indexes major CVM documents and provides news updates on CVM activities.
Healthypet is a site sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association. This friendly and entertaining site features a library of animal care information, kids' pages, contests and an animal hospital locator.
National Animal Poison Control Center Information Page is a one-page listing of phone numbers and emergency contacts for the University of Illinois-sponsored Center.
NetVet at Washington University in St. Louis provides comprehensive listings for veterinary resources on the web.

Funny feline facts and comedy columns will keep you and your kitty in stitches.
The author also wrote Bad Kitty, which is a list of phrases cat owners should get their naughty pets to write on a blackboard a la Bart Simpson.
Bill Hall's Cat Tales are the best of the humor columnist's feline-themed newspaper columns.
This Cat Dictionary is a must-read for anyone who doesn't know what pile-driver paws are or what it means to control a cat's tiny livestock.

Mystic Molly says she's the internet's foremost feline psychic. Molly does horoscopes, tells the future, even predicts outcomes for the U.K. National Lottery.

TRAINING My experience with animals is quite diverse. For the past 5 years I have been working at ResQcat where I volunteer and help find homes for abandoned cats. I have also worked at the Marine Mammal Center where I volunteer and help save and relocate Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Harbor Seals and Elephants Seals.

Learn more about the big ancestors of our domesticated friends.
Cat Specialist Group This site, from The World Conservation Union, is dedicated to preserving our feline friends in the wild. Includes information on many species of wild cats.
Cat Tales Endangered Species Conservation Park and Zoological Training Center in Spokane, Washington is a preserve for wild cats. The web site has a virtual tour of the grounds and outlines the park's educational programs.
The Feline Conservation Center, also known as the Cat House, offers photos and sounds of leopards, jaguars, tigers, cougars and many other feline residents of the Center. The park is located in Rosamond, California.
Wild About Cats is a non-profit rescue and placement organization for non-domestic cats that have been bred in captivity as pets. The site has extensive breed information and pictures of the animals currently in need of homes.

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