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Cat Tails
More Cat Tails   NEW!

The book is a heart-warming read about the cats Jeffyne met, fostered, grew very close to and came to love. You'll find a lot of humor throughout the book as she shares her experiences in a foreign country; how to parallel park, which stop signs to ignore and the delightful people she met during my time on this incredible island. You'll chuckle when you get to the part about her attempts at cooking and how she survived on a vegan diet. Of course, you’ll also learn about the lives of the cats in Greece, the challenges she faced and the life’s lessons she learned from this experience. And you'll read about what it’s meant to me to finally meet someone who truly understands rescue and how that friendship has endured.

"More Cat Tails: My Journey from RESQCATS to God's Little People in Syros, Greece," is more than just another book of cat stories, it’s also a book about pursuing your dreams and making a difference. If you have a heart or a funny bone, you’ll really enjoy the book.


RESCATS founder, Jeffyne Telson launches her second book: "More Cat Tails: My Journey from RESQCATS to God's Little People in Syros, Greece.

In 1997, Jeffyne founded RESQCATS, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue care and adoption of stray and abandoned cats and kittens. Since then, she and a handful of dedicated volunteers have placed more than 3200 cats and kittens into qualified homes.

At the end of 2018 Jeffyne had the honor of being selected from over 35,000 applicants to go to the tiny Greek island of Syros in the middle of the Aegean Sea to help care for over 60 cats at God's Little People Cat Rescue. She also worked side-by-side with the founder, Joan Rachlitz Bowell, on a project helping a semi-feral colony that lived at the top of a mountain next to a Greek Orthodox Church.

Jeffyne spent four months on Syros and it was a life-changing experience that she will never forget. Experiencing and then writing "More Cat Tails" has been a true flight of love for her.

Author Jeffyne Telson

Advanced Praise speaks of Jeffyne's passion, dedication and determination to making a difference for cats all over the world.

"Jeffyne Telson’s Greek odyssey starts appropriately for today’s world with an email. Her application for a caretakers job on the tiny Greek island of Syros is chosen over 35,000 others because her heart, mind and experience fits perfectly in the needs of the employer, God’s Little People. Her job is to care for 13, 000 cats! Jeffyne’s amazing life of animal rescues comes to a climax when she arrives  on the island of Syros and brings her love and dedication to the effort in helping abandoned and feral cats find health, food and love. This compelling story, peppered with humor, reveals the mysterious and heart-warming bond between cats and humans. 

"This book is a must for the animal lover and adventurer. The insights from this dedicated animal lover and rescuer are profound."

---Arthur von Wiesenberger, Executive Producer, AnimalZone 

"This is a wonderful read! Jeffyne Telson takes us on her once in a lifetime adventure from her own Californian cat rescue, RESQCATS, to God's Little People Cat Rescue on the small Greek island of Syros. This book teaches us about the plight of stray cats in Greece but is also full of uplifting accounts, hope, insight and humor.  Jeffyne's unfaltering commitment and dedication to helping cats shines through and captivates the reader from start to finish. A heart-warming and touching sequel."

---Claire Dannatt, Certified Reiki Practioner


"Love of cats has no borders and Jeffyne's adventure trip to Syros island is an excellent example for people to understand what is required to make a difference, not in the life of a few cats, but to hundreds of them... dedication, commitment, passion and intelligence. It is a story of fighting for the stray cats in uncharted waters that motivated people to keep going with their rescue work and to bring new faces to the job. Thank you, Jeffyne, for the real difference you are making in their lives every single day."

---Manos Vorrisis, DVM in Syros, Greece


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RESQCATS is a non-profit, tax-deductible sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

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