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Welcome to the RESQCATS Facilities!

RESQCATS is located high on the cliffs in Santa Barbara and is quite a unique facility!

Established by Jeffyne Telson in 1997, the sanctuary is a haven for stray and abandoned cats and kitties that come here to heal and find a new home. The sanctuary has been expanded over the years as more and more cats and kittens find a temporary home at RESQCATS.

The facilities consists of a large building divided into communal areas, isolation areas, special enclosures and large outdoor "playgrounds". This is the temporary home of cats and kittens of all sizes and colors!

The large communal room is where some of the resident cats live together in harmony. They each have their own beds and are very happy!

Cats and kittens that are available for adoption have their own individual enclosures.

Each enclosure is 4' wide by 8' long and 7' from floor to ceiling. It is furnished with a large crate full of clean, soft blankets, a kitty condo, scratching post, litter box, plenty of food and fresh water and of course, lots of kitty toys.

A drifwood log serves as a ramp to a high shelf with another kitty bed as well as a panoramic view of the trees and the field.

Kittens await adoption and are always curious to see what happens out there...

The large outdoor area gives the cats and kitties at RESQCATS the opportunity to climb real trees and enjoy the fresh air of the "outdoors" while still being completely protected from the outdoor dangers...traffic, predators, cat fights, etc.

Over 650 feet of special "cat trails" allow the cats to walk from one outdoor enclosure to another. They are high up and can watch what's happening!

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