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Quite a few grown cats arrive at RESQCATS awaiting adoption. If you are thinking of adopting a cat, please give me a call at 805-563-9424 or send me an email.

Visit us on -- we have great pictures of kitties that are available for adoption.

We'll start the adoption process with a phone interview in which I will tell you a bit more about RESQCATS and then ask you a few probing questions pertaining to the welfare, safety, medical care and family environment provided for the cat. In addition to this pre-screening telephone interview, an adoption application has to be filled out and certain agreements established. Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment. It is important to understand that the average life span of an indoor cat is 13 years. The commitment to give a stray cat a lifetime home is a responsibility to be thought through carefully and taken seriously. But that commitment is more than worth the rewards and unconditional love one receives in return.

Once an individual is determined eligible to adopt from RESQCATS, the person is then invited to meet the cat. If a "purrfect" match is made between human and feline, an adoption form is completed and a promissory agreement is signed indicating that the cat will be an indoor cat "100%" of the time, vet care will be provided for a lifetime and that the cat will NEVER be declawed!

The medical protocol and adoption requirements at RESQCATS assure both a healthy cat and a happy home. Each arriving cat receives a full examination by the vet, a leukemia test, vaccinations, worming medication and spay or neuter surgery before he or she begins the search for a new home.

The new companion and cat leave with a health record, sterility certificate, a 4 pound bag of their current diet, samples of their canned food, a brand new toy and of course a big hug goodbye!

RESQCATS is available to answer any and all questions you may have even after you take your kitty home.

All kitties need time to adjust to a new home, however, if in any case you feel it's not working out, RESQCATS will always, within the adjustment period, take the cat back to find another home.

It is sometimes hard to find a good home for a grown cat as people's natural tendency is towards adopting a cute little kitten, but we ask you to consider an adult (or possibly a mommy cat and one of her kittens!)

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